Egg Large- Ficus ginseng


This closed terrarium creates a humid climate itself so that the plants keep themselves alive.
The plants perspire water in the form of vapor, this partially condenses making visible droplets on the inside of the glass. These drops moisten the soil and ensure a moist environment in which the plants and the moss thrive well.
Due to the special shape of this glassware, a small hole in the top is necessary, otherwise the Egg will condense excessively.
Despite this hole, the Egg must be treated as a closed terrarium.

Ficus ginseng: In other words, the bonsai for beginners! Easy going.
With its whimsically shaped branched root and its sturdy oval shiny leaves, this plant is an eye catcher in any terrarium.
The ficus finds its origin in China and parts of Asia.

Check the care heading to see how you take good care of your ecosystem.

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