Growing Concepts, about us

Growing Concepts brings an innovative range of greenery for at home or at work. Innovation and creativity are our trademark. It is not new that people give each other plants or flowers, or use plants to brighten up living and working spaces. This has been happening for years. We do see that people have been looking more and more for meaning and originality in recent years. At Growing Concepts we respond to this. The new generation wants to know where the piece of green comes from, how it is composed and what it stands for. A bunch of flowers from the supermarket, or the first houseplant from a garden center that appeals less to the new generation. They are looking for creativity and new concepts. They share that desire for innovation with Growing Concepts. We deal in an extremely creative way with all the beauty that nature gives us. Imagine a beautiful design lamp and imagine that it is part of a hermetically sealed ecosystem. A design lamp that also contains a plant. Imagine that you never have to water that living plant. If you like that, then you share our passion. We therefore see your plant as an integral part of your interior. There is not just a plant in the corner, there is a design concept that matches the story you want to tell. Our story is in line with that. We have a passion for greenery, for quality and for sustainability.

Really green, without green fingers

Growing Concepts uses carefully selected and MPS-GAP certified growers. All our materials come from there and are selected by us one by one. We build our hermetically sealed ecosystems by hand. In addition, we choose a good substrate, especially moss (often from Denmark) and of course a beautiful plant that fits exactly with the habitat. After the biotope has been closed by us, the plant can take care of itself. That means that you don't have to add any water and that you don't have to worry about dead leaves or twigs. The ecosystem is completely self-sufficient. With the choice of materials, we also show that we not only place great emphasis on the indoor climate, but also on nature outside. That is why we mainly use recycled materials and as little plastic as possible.

Know what you are buying

At Growing Concepts we find it important that you know what you are buying. That is why we select all our products ourselves and you will find clear descriptions on our website. This way you learn where your plant originally came from and how the native population uses the plant.

Green design

Growing Concepts understands that the time of 'do a little plant' is really behind us. If you are looking for a plant or ecosystem, then you are looking for something that adds value to your interior. Our concept fits in very well with this. For example, through our website we give you tips on the type of interior that best suits a particular plant or ecosystem. If you want a houseplant in a minimalist interior, then we recommend the New Zealand Maori Corokia. If you want a cool attention-grabbing green feature wall, place our Philodendron Atom climbing plant for a mesh rack in your room. The ecosystems that we manufacture by hand are also available in every size, from large jars of more than 35 liters, to small sizes with a capacity of 5 liters or less. Are you a lover of greenery in the house, but you have your own taste and style, then Growing Concepts is the place for you.

Growing Concepts, our products and used materials

Plants ensure a healthy living and working environment. It has been scientifically demonstrated that a person can relax better in spaces with plants and moreover can concentrate better. In addition, green is increasingly becoming a design element, with which you can tell something about yourself, about your family or about your company. At Growing Concepts we are the specialist for houseplants and independent ecosystems that connect to a self-aware and creative lifestyle. We select all our plants one by one from carefully selected growers. With these plants we come to unique design concepts. Our ecosystems are an example of this. These ecosystems not only look great, they are. They are completely independent biotopes, so you don't have to give them water and you don't have to clean up dead leaves or cut off twigs. Each ecosystem is assembled by hand ourselves. We do this because we believe it is important that every product we make is guaranteed to add quality to the space in which it is placed. With our ecosystems you also bring peace and harmony into your home. Our care goes further than just your own indoor climate. We work as environmentally-friendly as possible in the selection of materials. For example, we only work with recycled materials such as glass, wood and cardboard. We hardly use plastic.

Ecosystems, the creative independent biotopes

Plants are actually indispensable in your living room and working environment. The presence of plants, for example, has a proven positive influence on your mood, work pleasure and on the reduction of feelings of stress. However, it can be difficult to have to care for a houseplant. Certainly if you often do not enter a certain room for a longer period of time. When you go on vacation, you obviously don't want your beautiful plants to ruin. You can ask your neighbors to look after your plants, but you can also do it differently. At Growing Concepts we are the specialist in independent ecosystems. The ecosystems consist of a plant, moss and other carefully selected materials from MPS-GAP certified growers. We always start with the bottom layer, which consists of soil, clay grains and moss. On top of that we build a beautiful ornamental garden, which together with the moss, the earth and the glass globe or jar form the ecosystem. These ecosystems are completely self-sufficient and also look dazzling. You get all the peace and beauty of a houseplant, but you don't need to water the plant. The plant also needs no further care, such as cutting off dead leaves. The water that evaporates during the day settles on the inside of the hermetically sealed glass biotope and is taken up again in the evening. The nutrients from fallen leaves are also re-absorbed in the ecosystem. All that the plant needs is indirect sunlight and a little love from you as a new owner.

An ecosystem for every environment

Our products are suitable for every environment and for every wallet. For example, you can order large ecosystems of no less than 34 liters from us, but also beautiful small biotopes of no more than 5 liters. You can purchase these small biotopes from € 29,99. The biotopes contain special plants, such as the Cycas, the Clusia, the Fittona, but also the Gingseng, the Arabica coffee plant and the asparagus plant can be ordered. The biotopes are in stylishly designed glass jars. The large ecolight pots, for example, are collected by us ourselves in a small Italian factory. Then a handmade cap is specially made for our pot in our own workshop. The ecolight pots also contain a beautiful lamp, which provides the plant with some extra warmth and love. But not just the plant. You and your guests will also enjoy the unique and warm appearance of the ecolight biotope when you light the lamp. Our other ecosystems also come in a beautiful jar. You can choose from sturdy preserving jars, crazy Erlenmeyer flasks, elegant closed vases and even small egg-shaped jars.

Grooow, beautiful open vases

In addition to the hermetically sealed ecosystems, we also have a number of beautiful open vases. These vases form our unique Grooow collection. You will receive the vases as a do-it-yourself package that you can easily and quickly put together using clear instructions. For example, we have a beautiful vase in which a bonsai tree grows on a substrate of moss. Various botanical plants are also available in the Grooow series. The composition of the plants is precisely aligned so that they can easily survive. The Grooow collection offers the perfect balance between self-sufficiency and care. The pot needs some water once a week, and you also give the plant as much space as you want. That means that you can have dead twigs or leaves cleaned up by the open ecosystem itself, or the plant itself can dispose of them. So you can choose how green your fingers should be. Much attention is paid to the finishing of the beautiful vases in the Grooow collection. The vases have a thick quality glass and beautifully cut edges. Even the supplied moss is very special and is specially collected from Denmark by us.

The green lungs in the home and office, our plants

Of course we also have a wide range of indoor plants at Growing Concepts. We select all our plants one by one from MPS-GAP certified growers. Indoor plants have air-purifying qualities and therefore directly contribute to the living climate in the room where they are placed. However, a good plant is more than just some greenery in the corner. At Growing Concepts, we opt for design and creativity. For example, if you prefer a minimalist interior, the Maori Corokia (a plant from New Zealand) fits in perfectly. This way your plant forms the perfect blend with the rest of your interior and adds quality to your story. This attention to detail and design makes the Growing Concepts approach truly unique. We therefore offer a large collection of plants that match all types of interiors and design concepts. Our wide selection includes the Philodendron Atom. Place this climbing plant next to a mesh rack in your living room or workspace and you will soon notice that the plant is starting its climb. This gives the room an impressive green feature that also purifies and refreshes the air. If you prefer a more traditional look, then the fan palm might be something for you. This elegant palm with beautiful fanning leaves looks great with any interior. The Pachira Aquatica or water palm also elegantly improves the quality experience of a space. This plant also fits perfectly with both a modern and classically furnished space. Are you looking for something special, but do not have too much space, then we have plenty of choice with smaller plants such as the Ficus Gin Seng and the Yucca. The Yucca, for example, works well in the hospitality industry as an ornamental plant, but this plant, the fruit of which is edible, is also an ideal choice for your living room.

View our collection

On our website you can take a look at our large collection of ecosystems, Grooow concepts and houseplants. You can also read everything about the history of the plant, where the plant grows naturally in the world and where it was used for in the past. Inform yourself and see which of the unique concepts of Growing Concepts suits you. If you have creative ideas yourself, for example putting together a promotional gift, or special jar, do not hesitate to contact us.

Growing Concepts, how we work

At Growing Concepts we work from a deep-rooted respect for nature. Every plant is a living creature and therefore needs love and respect. At Growing Solutions we do not leave this principle alone. For example, we only work with hand-selected materials and each ecosystem is also professionally assembled by hand. If you buy an ecosystem, as a new owner you only have to put it in the right place. The ecosystem does not need anything more. In a handy booklet you can read everything about the (minimal) care that your biotope needs, so that your ecosystem can function optimally and flourish. The most important thing here is to ensure that you do not place the ecosystem in full sun, but ensure that sufficient indirect sunlight enters. If you order one of the Grooow concepts, you will receive the parts (the substrate, the moss, the plant and the vase) separately. The package comes with a simple booklet with clear instructions on how to put this 'do it yourself package' together. However, this is not difficult. In fact, it's a fun and creative way to get acquainted with your new acquisition.

Passion for greenery, respect for nature

At Growing Concepts we believe that passion for greenery should go beyond just the beautiful plant that we supply to you. We therefore try to work as environmentally friendly as possible. This is reflected in the use of recycled materials and in the choice to use as little plastic as possible. Our products therefore consist almost entirely of recycled cardboard, glass and wood. In this way we show our respect for nature, while enabling you to provide you with a green design element within your environment.

Visit us online

You will find all our products on our website. We think it is important that you know what you get. That is why we have described all our products in detail. You see which materials we have used, where they come from and you can even take a look behind the scenes. On our site, you can also read something about the natural environment of the plant for each product. You can also read about the use of the plant by the indigenous population. If you buy an ecosystem, we also explain how the natural habitat of the plant is simulated in the biotope. If you have a creative idea for a promotional gift or souvenir, in which we at Growing Concepts could play a role, then we would also like to hear from you. We are very curious about your ideas and invite you to discuss the possibilities with us.

Safe and trusted

If you order something through our website, you have the security and safety of Webwinkel Keur, the hallmark for online webshops. Moreover, you usually receive your order (anywhere in the Netherlands) within three days. If you have purchased an ecosystem, we will personally make an appointment with you for the delivery of the larger jars about the delivery of the ecosystem. That way you know for sure that the biotope will reach you in good condition. If you would rather first see with your own eyes how beautifully our jars are put together, then that is also possible. Our products can be admired in our special concept store in Haarlem. This concept store is located in the dynamic Raaks Halle (Drossestraat 2 in Haarlem), a unique store concept with 40 independent providers. Come and visit this store, or contact us via the website. We are happy to discuss the options with you. In this regard, your wishes and creativity are always paramount. That is the method of Growing Concepts.
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